5 Ways to Make Money Online you Probably don’t Know!

Earning money is necessary as life without having enough money is impractical, and to lead a balanced and happy life people have their own sources of income. Now as things are getting changed with the advancements in technologies, one can use these technologies to earn a lot of money by consuming little resources. One such technology is the online field where we can have the opportunity to earn money online from home. 

This article will introduce you to some of the ways where you can utilize your skills and can earn money beyond imagining. So, let’s discuss the five quick ways of earning online. In the meantime, you can check out this link for a comprehensive step-by-step guide on making money from the internet for students. In addition to each below, other ways are explained.

These quick ways are listed below.

  • Start blogging 
  • Be a content writer
  • Start online coaching
  • Create a YouTube channel 
  • Be a transcriptionist 

Now let’s describe the list one by one.

Start Blogging:

Blogging is one of the smart ways of earning money online from home as the world is now been dependent totally on the internet. As we search everything on the internet some of our searches are found while some of them are not available, so think of the unavailability of something on the internet and make it as your blog.  It is important for you to choose a niche for your blog that is unique and the demandable in the current scenario. 

There is a number of platforms where you can create your blog every platform has its own benefits and drawbacks. So, you should decide according to the requirements they have. 

These platforms are given below. 

  • WordPress.org
  • Blogger
  • Medium 
  • Linked in

So, search for any of them to step forward for blogging and then proceed further. 

A popular platform for Blog

Requirements for Blog:

If you have decided to create a blog then you must have a clear topic or niche for which you are going to create the blog. You need an internet connection and a fast computer system or laptop. Except for this, the most important thing is to be consistent with your blog and treat it on a daily basis. That’s what you need at all. 

Importance of Blog:

The importance of creating a blog is the importance of food in life, because things are now been searched online and the more you create blogs on different niches the much profit you will get as your blogs get ranked.

Be a Content writer:

A content writer is a person who writes articles for different websites and blogs, so this is also a productive way of earning online as blogs and websites are nothing without publishing relevant articles on those platforms. 

A content writer’s task is to rank and promote a blog or site by writing attractive content for that specific site. Content play roles on a site like products in a grocery store. 

What do you need to be a content writer?

It is really simple and cheap to be a content writer, you need not technical skills and any particular certification. The only things you need to have are to have full command of English, computer system, typing speed, and an internet connection.

The demand of content writer:

Being a content writer is perhaps the most demanding job in the list of online jobs, the content writers are required for all those who run their sites and blogs because running sites and blogs without having articles on them are impossible and impractical. So, if you have the inner skills that fit the requirements then be a content writer and earn from your home. 

Where can you be hired?

There are certain platforms where content experts are hired for a permanent basis, so you should also be there at those spots where you have the opportunities to be hired. These market places are named fiver, freelancer and Upwork, etc.

Start online Tutoring:

Start online Tutoring

Online coaching is also a paid job that you can do from your set position, and the demand for it is increasing day by day as it is a process of teaching and learning. 

Tutoring refers to the process of instructing and the word online means through the internet. So, an online Tutoring job is nothing but to teach your field of expertise to others using online services. 

Requirements for coaching:

The things that you must have to be an online instructor are:

  • Having full command over your subject.
  • Familiarity with computer systems and the internet.
  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Availability of internet and computer system.

Create a YouTube channel:

Creating a YouTube channel is also the option to earn a lot of money from home, this is among all the other online alternatives that people choose to quickly increase the graph of their income. 

Field requirements:

Every single field needs a particular level of expertise and knowledge, the same way YouTube has its own set of rules and policies that must be studied before creating a channel.

So, create a channel if you have the following capabilities.

  • If you have a competitive level of knowledge of the desired field.
  • Excellent level of confidence and communication level.
  • You must know all the YouTube policy. 
  • You must have regularity and consistency.

In case of lacking all these abilities, you will have to adopt them before rushing for creating the channel. But once you rank your channel then the money will come to you in unexpected ways.

Be a Transcriptionist:

Many companies hire people as transcriptionists, transcriptionist is a person who listens to audio or video and converts that to text form as it is. It is a highly paid job and the demand is also considerable. So, if you have good listening and typing skills then perhaps this is a suitable job for you.

What do you need to have?

You don’t need any particular training to be on this post, simply basic computer knowledge like typing speed and listening power should be outstanding. There are certain sites where one can find jobs like Transcribe Me etc. 

What do you need to have


Earning money is not only possible when people leave their homes, stay away from family and spent most of their time but also possible by staying home, and with little effort.  Well, actually the online world has provided us many opportunities that we can get in touch with to enhance our skills and source of income. In this article, we have only elaborated five online sources of income.  So, think about yourself which job best fits you and your personality and without any doubts go for it before someone else takes your seat.

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