Starting a Digital Printing Business with Printer NSW

Starting a Digital Printing Business with Printer NSW

Printing professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking for an opportunity in the industry, and enter their business plan related to digital printing with Printer NSW in the competition, will be able to win one of the three prizes valued at 100,000 euros, which will be awarded in Paris during a Ceremony in the month of October, The Canon “Leap Your Business” competition awards are:

First Prize:

Canon image RUNNER ADVANCE C9070 PRO digital production press, fully configured and serviced by Canon’s Essential Business Builder program.

Second Prize:

44” Canonmareograph iPF8300 large format printer with a consulting service through Canon’s Essential Business Builder program.

Third Prize:

Professional Business Consulting through Canon’s Essential Business Builder Program.

To qualify, you have to register your formal business plan related to digital printing. From all the plans submitted – among which Canon will accept the first 150 proposals – a list of 20 finalists will be chosen, from which Canon will request an economic viability plan, detailed to a minimum of 3 years. Subsequently, 10 finalists will be chosen to spend individual interviews with independent consultants. After the round of interviews, the winner of the competition and two runners-up will be chosen.

The jury will assess the following characteristics of the projects presented:

  • Originality of the idea
  • Clarity and presentation of the project
  • Financial viability of the proposal
  • Quality in planning and marketing strategy
  • Sales opportunity and an adequate approach
  • Team strength and experience
  • Executive planning and implementation of the project
  • Structure, equipment and strategy of internal infrastructure
  • Knowledge of technological advances and appreciation of the environment and sustainability

5 great advantages that digital printing brings to your business

1. Maximum quality

If you are looking for quality printing, online digital printing will always give you the results you expect, since this type of color printing has a higher quality than the traditional photocopy system, because the original document is always the same and at the Being a digital file never degrades.

2. Faster

If you have a small or medium business, it is likely that you have many tasks to do every day, so you will appreciate having a fast printing service of Printer NSW that meets your delivery deadlines.Online digital printing is the fastest printing system you can count on, because you only have to select the type of product you want on your website, customize it to your liking and press a button to order your order. By having an automated printing system, a service like this prints your orders in the shortest possible time and they arrive within the agreed time.

3. Easily customize all your work and documents

If you want to always achieve a unique and original result, online digital printing will allow you to more than fulfill this objective. Online digital printers, such as Hello print, have a multitude of customizable templates for all their products, where you only have to include your own design to give a distinctive and unmistakable look to your business card, your company envelopes, checkbooks, mugs or vinyl’s.

4. Wide variety of formats

From a business card to a brochure or an advertising poster, if you use digital printing for your business you will not find limits with the size or format of your documents, because everything can be printed with this system. In short, online digital printing offers you a versatile printing option full of possibilities.

5. Always print the exact volume

With new digital printing systems of Printer NSW, you have the option to print a single unit or make a million copies, always the exact amount you need without wasting your time and money. In any case, you will have your units ready in your SME within the scheduled time.