How to Keep Your Teeth Strong and healthy?

How to Keep Your Teeth Strong and healthy?

How to Keep Your Teeth Strong and healthy?

Just as every part of the body needs to be taken care of, in the same way, the maintenance of teeth is also very important. Teeth play a big role in Keeping The Body Healthy. Whatever food we eat makes our body healthy. The teeth are the first part of the digestive system of the body. If the teeth work properly, then only our body will get energy. All the teeth inside the mouth need to be healthy and shiny. Keeping the teeth healthy does not allow any disease to occur in the body. Let us see why teeth cleaning is necessary and what should we do to keep it clean?

Why cleaning the teeth is important?

To keep the teeth strong, it is very important to clean the teeth before eating anything. If the teeth are not cleaned after eating anything, then worms will start appearing in them, due to which there are pits in the teeth. Apart from this, due to worms in the teeth, its lower floor starts to become hollow. Due to this, the gums also suffer a lot. Sometimes due to these, the teeth become loose and then break. Every tooth of our body is very important because if one tooth breaks, the teeth next to it also start moving. Tooth decay and breakage can also put you in a lot of trouble. That’s why cleaning the teeth is very important.

To avoid getting worms in the teeth, it is necessary to brush regularly after eating food. It is often seen that when something gets stuck between the teeth, people take it out with a straw. Doing so can be very dangerous for the teeth. One, it damages the gums. And secondly, by applying straws between the teeth, a gap is formed, gradually growing. Due to the gap between the teeth and things will start getting stuck in it. Let us see how the teeth are cleaned in such a situation?

Whenever something gets stuck in your teeth, you should not remove it with a straw but with a brush. If you do not have time to brush, then you can rinse continuously with water. Even after rinsing with water, the things trapped inside the teeth are removed. If there is a huge gap between your teeth, you should fill that gap on the doctor’s advice.

How to clean the teeth of newborn babies?

To make the teeth strong from the root, it is very important to clean the teeth in childhood. Very few people notice that after Feeding ANewborn Baby, teeth have to be cleaned as well. After feeding the newborn babies, their gums and tongue should be cleaned with a silk cloth soaked in lukewarm water. If you want, you can also clean the baby’s mouth with cotton so that the fly does not sit. Doctors believe that the gums of young children itch while teething. That’s why newborns often put their fingers in their mouths. Babys carrying dirty hands to their mouths can lead to infection. This same infection can cause fever and symptoms of diarrhea in children. Parents should start brushing as soon as their first teeth erupt. Since children’s teeth are very soft, they should be touched by parents with a soft brush in the beginning.

What to do when a tooth decays?

The outer layer of teeth is enamel and the second layer is dentin. There are some small nerves in this part. Dentine becomes visible due to the wear of the upper enamel due to some reason or insect infestation. In such a situation, the teeth start giving a lot of pain. Such tooth can be saved by root canal or RCT method. If your teeth are also rotten and you also have a toothache problem, you should consult a dentist.