How to Choose the Right Ring to Ring in Valentine

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you are definitely looking for some unique way to impress her or him. You can always plan something out of the box, something less expected but more charming, or you can go for something simple but with a meaning. If you choose the latter, then gifting a ring could be a nice way to express your love. A ring comes with loads of meanings. For instance, the unending loop defines the endless love that you and your lover are going to share or getting locked in love. And, what else could be the gift if you want to declare your desire to marry your love? Gold wedding rings for women would always work. There are other types as well that could add weight to it. You just have to know what would make the day special. After all, it is Valentine’s Day and your love deserves to care for every minute detail.

So, how to choose a ring?

While buying a ring for her, you have to consider a few things like its make, style, price, size, and what message you really want to send across. But you have to be sure of this particular gifting idea as a ring can send different meanings. If you are gifting it to your wife, be sure to choose one that she will cherish for a long time. In case you are thinking about gifting this to your girlfriend, it might lead to a different interpretation like proposing.

The ‘Make’ can make or break you

When it comes to the make of a ring, you have to calculate how well it gels with your lover’s personality. The ring can be anything like platinum, diamond, gold, or even tungsten. Some companies do prefer to play with silver. Silver is pocket-friendly. So, if you are on a tight budget, you can always look for some silver rings. In the case of the other metals like tungsten, platinum, and gold, you have to consider their price. This, in fact, is also the case with diamonds and other gems. Since these are going to be heavy on your purse you have to know whether they are a perfect match for your lover or not. Diamond stands for commitment, faithfulness, and love. The perfect cuts, spark, and shine can make anyone go head over heels. And, as have been claimed by various commercials, its bond with your woman cannot be ignored. Gold’s purity is unquestionable. Gold wedding rings for women are much-cherished across traditions. But before buying, be sure that your partner does not have an allergy. Platinum and tungsten are fast-growing as significant alternatives. Compared to gold or diamond, they are cheaper but long-lasting. And they can be teamed with precious jewels easily.

Steal it with style

Tungsten is becoming popular with men since David Beckham started donning them. They also add an edge that creates a difference. So, if you want your partner to stand out in the crowd, you can propose him with one on Valentine’s Day. Yes, he will remember this for a long time. Since the day needs you to put a lot of heart in it, you can gift him or her a ring with a heart. If it sounds cliche, opt for something classy and sophisticated designs. If she likes going traditional, you can gift her an ornate one. It can be gem-studded one with a base of gold or platinum. But no matter what you give him or her, make sure, it talks volumes about what you like the best in your partner.

Price has its perks

Price has its perks Some may advise you to spend a fortune to show how dear your love is to you. But be practical. It should never be heavy on your pocket. Plus, it is time for discounts. Ring-makers want to cash in on this opportunity by announcing discounts and launching a wide range of products just for the occasion. So, you can be wise enough to pick the best and save some more to perk up the plan a bit. Your love would appreciate that.

Size does matter

If it is too small, it can lead to arguments. If it is too big, chances are high that it might look odd with her look. Know her style before choosing the right size. You can gift her something subtle, yet distinct that could go with anything all the while making a statement about how much you love her. If you want to gift him something special, a layering combination in proper size could work well. The steps of choosing the right one may appear difficult but the love you would get in return is priceless. So, start hunting now. The time you would spend on it would be well-rewarded later.

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