How to Choose the Right Formal Shirt

How to Choose the Right Formal Shirt
Formal Shirt

Everyone experiences a formal event a few or more times in their lifetime. You need to look your best to ensure you don’t stand out bad from the rest of the crowd. Some think that the formal shirt they are wearing is acceptable. But for some, they may think it looks too unappealing or too loose for them. If you have experienced this kind of scenario before, you should be more careful in choosing the right formal shirt in the future.

When searching or buying men’s formal shirts, there are several factors one needs to consider. These factors will help you choose the right formal shirt, so you can avoid problems such as long cuffs or tight sleeves. Every part of the formal shirt should be precise to ensure that the wearer will look their best. 

Determine the Shirt Size

Just like all other pieces of clothing, you should know your size to get the perfect fit. Sometimes, there is a tailor that will take your measurements. If you’re planning to purchase men’s formal shirts online, there’s no other option but to take the measurements yourself. 

First, measure the widest area of your neck by wrapping the tape measure around. Next is to measure the sleeve length, starting from the point of your shoulder down to a fraction below the wrist joint. Usually, most men have a neck measurement between 15 to 17 inches. Then move to the chest area and take the measurements right below the armpits.

You should also measure the widest part of the chest and try not to squeeze the tape measure too tight. Lastly, the waistline needs to be measured. A rule of thumb is to place one finger under the tape measure if you want some slack. 

Determine the Fabric of the Shirt

You have several fabric options when choosing men’s formal shirts. Experts recommend not to use synthetic fabric like rayon or polyester because it doesn’t let the wearer breathe properly or regulate temperature. To gain these benefits, one should choose natural fabrics such as: 

  • Oxford Cloth – The oxford cloth is slightly thicker than fine cotton, making this fabric suitable for outdoor events. You can expect high durability and functionality when you get a formal shirt with this type of fabric. 
  • Fine Cotton – Maybe you would like something that lets your body breathe easier? Fine cotton is crisp and not that heavy to wear compared to the oxford cloth. It’s a widely used fabric for formal shirts due to its versatility.
  • Linen – Linen can also be another alternative if there are no formal cotton shirts available. It’s an all-natural fabric that ensures superior cooling and wicks moisture from the body.

Choose the Collar Style

The collar style also matters when choosing the perfect formal shirt. Some styles may or may not go well with your overall style, so it’s best to know some of them.

  • Classic Collar – This collar style has a smaller “spread” between its points, giving the wearer a tighter look. 
  • Spread Collar – This style has points that spread outwards from the neck. You can choose this collar style when you want to wear something dressy or casual, depending on how you wear the shirt.
  • Button-down Collar – It’s almost similar to the classic collar, except it has points that stick to the shirt by way of buttons. This collar style is usually accompanied by a tie since it keeps the accessory in place. 
  • Widespread Collar – As the name suggests, this collar has a wider spread than the spread or classic collar. It gives the wearer an elegant appearance and goes well with an unbuttoned sans tie or thick tie knots. 

Whenever you’re in need of high-quality men’s formal shirts, there are reliable online stores like Van Heusen. They guarantee you will find the perfect formal shirt that you are looking for.