How Technology Is Improving the Gaming Industry In 2020

The gaming industry has come to a long-distance since the advent of video games in 1947. Now we can play games that are super realistic, incredibly involved, and very sociable. With so many gamers out there, it’s no surprise that technology in the gaming industry develops rapidly. This article highlights some examples that you may already have heard of, but that you can expect to listen to a lot more about throughout 2020.

Live streaming lets you play in a more sociable way

Live streaming has been on the rise in e-sports for years. Sites like Twitch allow gamers to give fans live feed of their gaming, as they face off against competitors. It’s not a new technology, but circumstances have conspired to make it even more influential in 2020. Coronavirus is the obvious reason for live streaming’s increased importance. People are now much more au fait with the technology because they’ve been forced to speak with friends and loved ones via online communication tools. And the result is that the social benefit of playing games via live streaming is creating more interest in the tech. Some elements of the gaming industry are well primed to provide their users with access to streaming. Take online gambling. The best live casinos allow people to play baccarat, blackjack, poker, or roulette through streaming. This guide to the best live casinos tells you how the top sites offer many live games. The sheer number of games available shows how popular streaming is in the casino gaming industry.

VR tech is now affordable enough for gamers to use

VR tech is now affordable enough for gamers to use For so long, we, you, I, and anyone with even a passing interest in gaming have been told by each tech head that VR gaming is the future. That time now looks to have passed, and the technology appears to be very much the present of gaming. We know how VR technology is improving the gaming industry. It’s creating not just a more realistic gaming experience, but a more involved one that allows you to take part in the games you play. What’s changed is that more people are playing VR games. Money is responsible for VR’s broader adoption by gamers. Once the headsets were prohibitively expensive, you can get a very high-quality VR headset, one for the price of an Xbox or PlayStation. But it’s not just down to money. VR games are preparing better and better, and the big corporations are making it more and more seriously – hence the partnership between Microsoft and Facebook in 2020. Consequently, you can expect VR technology to have an even more significant impact on the gaming industry in the coming years.

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Live streaming and VR games are just two great examples of the technology that’s improving the gaming industry in 2020. Another brilliant one is AI. AI has been part of gaming since the 1950s, helping to provide more intelligent video opponents and giving gamers a tougher, more realistic experience. But the tech has developed rapidly in recent years, and you can expect that trend to continue in 2020. So, try streaming and VR gaming now and keep a close eye on how AI develops.

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