Follow The Diet According To Your Blood Group

Follow The Diet According To Your Blood Group

Follow The Diet According To Your Blood Group

People try all kinds of things To Keep The Body Healthy. To keep themselves healthy, people do regular exercise, prepare the diet so that they do not have any harm, etc. But the most important thing that people do not pay attention to keep themselves healthy is the blood group. People have different blood groups in their bodies, and their diet is also prepared differently. Due to different blood groups, your diet may not suit you. Today, we will tell you about the diet according to your blood group, by which you can keep yourself healthy and happy.

Types of blood group

Before telling the diet according to the blood group, we will tell you some things related to the blood group. There are four types of blood groups found in the human body. Their names are A blood group, B blood group, O blood group, and AB blood group. Positive and negative with all these blood groups, depending on Rh antigen. Rhesus (Rh) is an inherited protein found on red blood cells. If its protein is found in your blood, it means you are Rh-positive; just opposite, if Rh protein is not found in your blood, it means Rh-negative. It is called the Rh blood group system, which is named after the Rhesus monkey.

Follow The Diet According To Your Blood Group

In this way, the different blood group of the human body determines its diet. Therefore, the risk of any disease is less in people who adopt the diet according to the blood group. Apart from this, their body is always balanced and healthy. Each blood group has its nature and behavior, so the type of diet we consume can be directly related to our blood group. According to a report, all types of dishes contain a protein found in every type of food. But, according to them, the blood of different nature reacts differently to these proteins in different food, directly affecting your health. So let us see which food, people with which blood group should include in their diet.

Diet of A blood group

People with the A blood group have a very sensitive immune system. That’s why they need to pay a lot of attention to their diet. Based on his sensitive immune system, they should pay attention to their food and drink. The more vegetarian the diet of such people, the better. If you also have blood group A, you should reduce the consumption of meat fish chicken because it takes a long time to digest. Such people should take a vegetarian diet such as carrots, green leafy vegetables, peas, garlic, grains, beans, and fruits. People with A blood group should avoid eating eggs, white rice, and too much milk. If you want, you can consume curd and soy in its place.

Diet of B blood group

If your blood group is B and you are fond of food, there is good news for you. The digestive system of people of this blood group is very good. Therefore, they don’t need much of any abstinence. Such people can eat whatever they want, whether it is vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Such people can include green leafy vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken, whatever they want in their diet. Due to having a good digestive system, fat does not accumulate in their body. Apart from this, you can eat anything made from milk and eggs. You have to eat a balanced diet. If you want, you can also do your regular exercise along with a balanced diet.

Diet of AB blood group

People with blood group AB need to pay special attention to their diet because they have both A and B in their blood. The diet of A blood group and B blood group, the same diet gets mixed in AB blood group. It means that people with the AB blood group should have a balanced diet to maintain the diet balance of both groups A and B. Such people should increase the number of fruits and vegetables in their diet and reduce the amount of non-veg. Although they do not have to stop non-veg completely, they can consume it from time to time if they want. Apart from this, they can also consume things made from milk.

Diet of O blood group

People with the O blood group need protein. Therefore, such people should include high protein foods such as pulses, meat, fish, fruits, etc. In addition, people with the O blood group should consume A Balanced Amount Of Food like grains, beans, and fruits.