8 Best Adobe Apps to Try

8 Best Adobe Apps to Try

8 Best Adobe Apps to Try

Over 90% of the creative professionals in the world use Adobe products and apps. 

When trying to figure out what the best Adobe apps are, you have to first consider what you need. Adobe apps are popular for a reason. They can be bought for a one-time fee, or paid for on a monthly subscription basis. 

Whether you’re getting them one by one or using the Adobe CC, or creative cloud, no one offers more variety in creative design and applications than Adobe. It can be daunting, however, when you look at their app catalog. With so many choices, which one is right for you? 

Adobe Photoshop

This is the best app for photo editing you could ever want to use. Adobe Photoshop has been popular for decades since it first came out Adobe in 1988. While there are competitors on the market, it is safe to say that Photoshop has long proved itself to be the industry standard. 

It has been, for almost its complete lifespan, the most preferred graphic editor on the market. This has meant that almost everyone on Earth, at some point or another, has viewed content created or edited within Adobe Photoshop. You don’t get bigger than that.

After Effects

After Effects is the industry standard when it comes to motion graphics and visual effects. It can be used to do everything from adding special effects to a video, to full-scale animations. There’s a good chance that if you’ve ever watched a YouTube video, you have seen what After Effects can do. 

Adobe has published After Effects since 1994, and in that time there have been a lot of upgrades. Like most Adobe programs, you can count on consistent and high-quality updates to keep them relevant and functional with modern systems. 


On the face of it, this app seems to be very similar to Photoshop, and there is some crossover in its function. However, Lightroom is designed to make editing a large number of photographs or stills very easy and functional, while Photoshop is designed to make expansive editing of a single picture possible. 

This difference means that you should choose which one is most relevant to you. If you’re trying to make a single picture-perfect, Photoshop is the way to go. With Lightroom, if you want to apply basic touching up to a hundred photos it is quite easy to accomplish and simple to render. 

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player was central to experiencing the internet for years. It can operate from a browser window as a plug-in and allows you to enjoy multimedia content. You can use it for a variety of functions, such as streaming audio or using it to play rich internet applications. 

If you want to enhance your internet viewing potential, Adobe Flash Player is the way to do it. Like most Adobe apps you can get a flash player set up for a variety of browsers. For most of us, that means Adobe Flash Player for Chrome. 

Adobe Illustrator

One of the oldest and most respected illustration programs on the market, Adobe Illustrator was first released in 1985. At its core, Illustrator is an extremely effective vector graphics editor and design program. It is part of the Creative Cloud, and so can be accessed alongside many of Adobe’s other apps. 

As with all Adobe programs, Illustrator has come a long way since it was first created. Constant updates and the addition of a variety of tools make this program extremely useful. If you want to illustrate graphics into simple animations this is the program that you will want to use. 

Adobe InDesign

Adobe is active in almost every creative venture and desktop publishing is certainly one of them. This program allows you to create and edit posters, flyers, books, ebooks, and even layouts for magazines and newspapers. This versatility makes InDesign extremely useful to a variety of hobbyists and professionals. 

Like many Adobe apps, you don’t need to make a single large purchase to get access to InDesign. You can pay a subscription fee that comes to around $20 USD per month. This allows you to try out the software without expending a large amount of money upfront. 

Character Animator 

This is an amazing app that can be both very useful and a lot of fun to learn. The core of Character Animator is to animate a 2d character model. To do this, the app uses a webcam that takes pictures of the animator’s face, and the adobe AI then translates that into animated behavior on the image. 

You can even use this program to lip-sync the model with your face in near real-time. Not only does the innovative use of AI alongside animation make this one of the best Adobe apps, but it also makes it one of the best software choices for saving time and effort in animation. 


Adobe Audition is a fantastic program for those who need audio engineering. It is easily an industry leader in producing quality sound effects and sound restoration as well as cleanup. Whether you’re publishing podcasts or producing multimedia content, this program can help make your clips sound special. 

One of the most impressive features of this app is that it can be used for scientific and forensic purposes. If you want the absolute best sound you can get, Audition is available via the Creative Cloud as well. 

The Best Adobe Apps and You

Finding the best Adobe apps comes down to finding out what you need. When it comes to being an industry leader, you’ll struggle to find a creative field in which Adobe isn’t the leader. Their programs and apps are simply the best or easiest to use on the market in most cases. 

We hope you found this useful, and that you keep on making your creative dreams a reality. Whether you need a flash player or to produce amazing content, Adobe apps are the way to go. Be sure to browse our site for other great articles about tech, health, or fashion!